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Weekend Preview: I Spent Too Much On Frozen Yogurt Last Night

I was checking my credit card statement this morning in preparation for paying it, and realized that the SMALL original flavor frozen yogurt with toppings I purchased at Pinkberry last night cost $5.47. Granted, I should have realized this last night, but I didn’t, and so I say…really? Am I crazy to be stunned by this? Am I acting like the college kid who goes out in the city for the first time and exclaims, “Five dollars for a bottle of beer!” and you wanna be all like “Dude, this is the real world where a round of shots doesn’t cost $3 and come in a giant cup for you to then pour into dixie cups like mouthwash. We use glassware, for God’s sake.” I don’t know, I hate to be that kid–that kid is the worst–but considering how petite and un-filling a small frozen yogurt from Pinkberry is, I’d say $5.47 is a scam. It’s not like when you go to the Cheesecake Factory and you look at the menu and exclaim, “For this price I should be getting two salads!” And then it comes and you realize, “Oh, this is actually the size of like five salads.” This is actually a tiny portion with meager rations allotted for toppings. Do you know how many Chicken McNuggets I could get for $5.47? Like a hundred! (Someone check the math on that.) I could buy two boxes of cereal and 12 bananas from Trader Joe’s for $5.47. Even if I refocus my argument and apply my price expectations solely to the frozen yogurt industry, I am telling you, I could go to one of those self-serve frozen yogurt places, get flavors like red velvet cake topped with captain crunch and frosted animal cookies and spend less. I may be sick to my stomach the rest of the day, but at least I’m sated. [For the record, I would never create such a horrendous combination of flavors and toppings as the one described above, but I am hoping to drive home the point that I appreciate eating so much frozen yogurt it makes me a little bit sick for less than five dollars.] Anyway, I’ll probably go there tomorrow because I’ll be bored and walking down the sidewalk with Pinkberry in your hand makes you look cute and fun. At least that’s what Lauren Conrad taught me.

We are mere hours away from the official start to the weekend and I for one am really looking forward to the break. I’m not sure why exactly seeing as how I lined up an eleven hour babysitting gig for myself on Saturday starting at 3:00 pm that will probably not serve as the best cure for the occasional bouts of anxiety I experienced this week. But it should bring in enough profit for me to finally buy myself a crossbody bag that I love, won’t fall apart in two weeks, and isn’t the size of a hamster cage like the one I currently use for work. This has been at the top of my “Treat Yo Self” shopping list for over a year now because I am all about hands-free fun when it comes to going out at night and when I use the bag I mentioned above I get comments from men like, “AHHH that’s the biggest bag I’ve ever seen!” like I’m wearing a tumor. I know this is not the kind of purchase you should struggle with for over a year but in the past I have either not found exactly what I’m looking for or not had enough money when the perfect bag came along. So come Sunday, cross your fingers that the stars align and I find exactly what I’m looking for and can pay for it with the cash I earned from five hours of  two vs. one football, where my team (me) always manages to lose. It’s all I have to look forward to!

On a final note, I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and was struck by the picture below that had the following caption: “I LOVE THIS IDEA….Exchanging love letters the morning of your wedding, before walking down the aisle. I love the looks on their faces :).”

Yes, I too love the looks on their faces. She looks like she’s about to marry the man of her dreams and he looks like he’s reviewing the bill from the mechanic. It’s so sweet. Smiley face.

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