Imaginary Frequently Asked Questions

This blog just started, and we don’t have an active, participatory fan base (yet). But this is what we think you guys would want to know, should you chose to invest in this little adventure.

1. Why did you guys decide to start a blog?

Maggie: Because we have a lot of opinions, and our parents always told us that people would be interested in hearing them. They raised us to have very high self-esteem.

Catherine: Thanks for asking.

2. Whose idea was it?

M: Mine

C: I think she was just jealous of all the attention I got from my old blog (Dear Tina), and wanted in, but was afraid to go it alone.

M: This is true.

3. Who came up with the title?

C: I don’t remember, but it was either this or “Two Sisters Blogging”

M: I’ll take credit for that one.

4. How do you decide who writes about what?

M: For the television recaps, we just looked at all the shows we like watching, and the person who has the most to say gets to write about it. Which means you’ll be hearing a lot about my love of the clothes on Mad Men, and Catherine will be complaining about how the abundance of jewel tone satin dresses on The Bachelor gives her a headache.

C: Other than that, we both just write about whatever we feel like. Like how much the Apple store annoys me.

5. What do you disagree on?

C: Knowing the endings to books, movies, TV shows. Anything. I don’t mind knowing what happens before I see it.

M: And if I haven’t seen something, I don’t want anyone to ruin the surprise for me.

C: She still won’t let me tell her who won season 4 of Project Runway.

6. What do your parents think of your blog?

M: Our parents are super supportive, and pretty much encourage us in anything we want to do.

C: Although when we told our mom about it, she did ask if we were doing this to make money. As if it was a lemonade stand.

7. Do you have any siblings?

M: Yes, we have a brother named Sean.

C: He’s the Elizabeth and James to our Mary-Kate and Ashley.

8. Where did you grow up?

C: Wilmette. Or, as our dad’s South Side Chicago friends call it, Winnetka.

9. Where did you go to college and what did you major in?

M: We both attended the University of Illinois. I studied English and Creative Writing

C: And I studied Acting.

M: So, pretty much the perfect combination for two people wanting to write a blog about a bunch of nonsense.

10. Who got a higher ACT score:

C: Maggie

11. Who’s funnier:

M: Catherine

12. Who’s prettier?

M&C: Our brother Sean

13. What show no longer on the air would you like to see rebooted?

M: Popular. Hopefully this would encourage Ryan Murphy to jump off the sinking ship that is Glee.

C: The Brady Bunch. With Louis C.K. as Mike Brady and Lisa Kudrow as Carol. But still Ann B. Davis as Alice.

14. At what age did you realize laugh tracks were unacceptable?

M: When Arrested Development first aired. That was a game changer.

C:  While watching an episode of Two And a Half Men and realizing every time the simu-audience laughed, I did not.

15. If this blog takes off, what would you do with your new found fame?

C: Get invited on a week long stay at George Clooney’s home in Lake Como. I think I would go through Richard Kind on this one because he seems more approachable and I just found out THEY’RE BEST FRIENDS!

M: I would develop a capsule nail polish collection with O.P.I featuring colors like Magpie in the Sky (this would be a nice shade of blue) and Old Blog Cabin (this would be brown).


4 thoughts on “IFAQs

  1. the ex-luker says:

    Um what about rebooting Gilmore Girls – seriously one of the best shows ever made.

  2. Brudder says:

    So….. I’m in charge of the clothing line?

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